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As part of our vision here at FineEye Color Solutions we strive to be a leading source of trustworthy information on color imaging technology and inkjet media for the people we serve and the partners we work with. We recognize you value your business and do not want to buy from just anyone. We understand! We built our business using the same principles. The team here at FineEye respects our customers because they care about choosing products that deliver bulletproof consistency and superior value at competitive prices.

For over 17 years we have been committed to this vision. Far too often we hear people talk about complications with inconsistent color, high prices, and unreliable suppliers when it comes to inkjet media. We started out to do something different. FineEye continues to provide the highest quality products because we believe our customers should demand nothing less.

We continuously seek out premium media products from around the world and bring them right to our converting facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Each roll is converted onsite to deliver top-notch quality control from professionals you can trust. We are renown for our expert technical support.  The eColorExpert program offers support for FineEye’s own Validation Media brand and anywhere else we are able to help- RIP, workflow and more. No sitting around waiting to talk to a machine, we guarantee a live person will be waiting on the other end so that you can get back to business as fast as possible.

We’re glad you took the time to find out what we’re all about, and if you care about color as much as we do, we hope you stick around.

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Mission Statement: We actively seek out and develop superior color imaging products then refine ways to bring them to market, providing maximum value for our partners and customers

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