BenQ Introduces Professional Photography Monitor

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New Display for Photographers

BenQ recently launched the new 24 inch SW2401PT monitor targeted to the professional and enthusiast photographer. The display incorporates many features designed to faithfully reproduce images during the editing process. Large gamut, a true hardware calibration with a 14 bit 3-D look-up-table, black and white mode, and, 2560×1440 (HD encompassing) resolution, are all features that empower the photographer and video editor.

Achives 99 Percent of Adobe RGB Color Space

The new 24 inch SW2401PT is capable of achieving the additional gamut of the Adobe 1998 RGB working space. This is a common working color space photographers are familiar with and syncs with current DSLR workflows. With the ability to reproduce this full gamut of colors – especially in the expanded  green-blue colors – photographers and other professionals can rely on the SW2401PT to accurately display images during the editing process.

Print Proofing Applicaitons

We see a great opportunity for cross purposing this display in a low demand soft-proofing application. The ability to simulate a large color gamut with 3-D LUT hardware calibration is a minimum requirement for a proofing application. This new monitor can do both at a low price point. While not a certified proofing monitor this is a great alternative to a standard desktop display with professional level features.


  • 24”QHD (2560×1440) display
  • 99% Adobe RGB color space (Delta E<2)
  • 14-bit 3D LUT
  • Hardware Calibration
  • Black and white mode preview
  • IPS LCD technology
  • Palette Master calibration software
  • $499 US