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Version 1.0 (build 5090)

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Printer Support

Last updated: February 22, 2015

ChromaDriver™ has three levels of printer support. Download the printer support list below to determine how your printer is supported.

  1. Standard – Printer is supported with full set of Validation® media profiles. These may be CMYK or RGB depending on the printer. Appropriate for production printing.
  2. Proofing – Printer is supported with full set of Validation® media profiles. CMYK calibrations with G7 curves included. Printers in this category maintain a higher accuracy and allow for us to modify the curve when required to achieve a proof standard.
  3. Universal – Printer is supported within the software but Validation® media profiles do not yet exist. Printer will operate with a Validation® Universal profile allowing for the opportunity for us to work with you to develop new profiles.

Proofing Printer Support

  • Epson
    • 7900, 9900
    • 7890, 9890
    • 7880, 9880
    • 7800, 9800
  • Canon
    • iPF x400 Series
  • HP
    • HP Z6100

General Printer Support

Printer Support List   


ChromaDriver™ has been built to maintain a driver-like interface and installation process. Therefore it is easy to install, requires no training or configuration and you send jobs to the printer the same way you would to a driver – using the print dialog in your native application. However. ChromaDriver™ is built on a RIP foundation and offering things like nesting and step-and-repeat.
Another important distinction is that CMYK-based printer control is available. This is not possible in a driver. This provides a direct and predictable color path to the printer, enabling standardized color management for Validation® and Magic® media.
ChromaDriver™ is better than a driver for several reasons. First it offers features a driver can’t provide, such as nesting and step-and-repeat. It also provides RIP-like color accuracy. The underlying core of ChromaDriver™ is built on a RIP engine. With that comes professional ICC color management, and the printers are driven with true CMYK or in some cases RGB methods directly out of ChromaDriver™. This means color is not distorted through several ambiguous CMYK and RGB transforms. Finally ChromaDriver™ provides a common, easy to use interface across all printer types, and Mac and PC platforms.
Installation and configuration take 15 to 20 minutes. This includes software installation, printer discovery, connection, media profile download, and installation. The largest time saver is the supplied media profiles configured for each printer and media combination This saves you from looking for profiles, or creating your own.
ChromaDriver™ by default includes a 15-day trial period. You are required to enter minimal contact information upon install to enable the trial. This information will not be shared outside FineEye Color. This trial can be made permanent without reinstalling by purchasing a license code from our store here, or from your dealer.
The ChromaDriver™ is sold through FineEye’s reseller channel. We also make it available through our webstore at
ChromaDriver™ supports FineEye’s Validation® and Coveris’ Magic® Inkjet brand media.
This supported portfolio includes media for proofing, photo, fine-art, and display graphics. This provides the ability to package and simplify the back-end color management.
In general ChromaDriver™ supports all aqueous printers from Canon, Epson, and HP. Our focus is to support current printers, however legacy devices are also supported. Check the supported printer list for more information.

Please also note ChromaDriver™ has three levels of printer support. Download the printer support list  to determine how your printer is supported.

  • Standard – Printer is supported with full set of Validation® and Magic® Media profiles. These may be CMYK or RGB depending on the printer. Appropriate for production printing.
  • Proofing – Printers supported in this category use Validation® Media only. CMYK calibrations and G7 curves enable proofing to industry standards.
  • Universal – Printer is supported with a “universal” profile not specific to device/media combination. Contact FineEye to inquire about custom profiles for your use.

ChromaDriver™ is supported on both Mac and PC Platforms. A recent operating system as noted below is required.

  • Mac: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or greater
  • PC: Windows 7 or greater

ChromaDriver™ can drive a single printer of any size at one time. This printer can be changed, but the server needs to be shut down in between the transition.

Because ChromaDriver™ is built on a RIP platform, it uses calibrations and ICC profiles to manage color. When the printer is driven in CMYK mode, a high level of accuracy can be achieved. We tested ChromaDriver™ in a proofing environment targeting common print standards such as GRACoL 2013. It is able to achieve these standards with proofing capable printers within industry accepted tolerances. As part of the Proofing Edition we work with you directly to improve color accuracy.

The proofing version of ChromaDriver™ includes a service to increase accuracy required for proofing. This done by:

  1. Printing a target we provide
  2. Shipping the target to FineEye Color
  3. We will remotely adjust your ChromaDriver™ output to comply with industry standard proofing
ChromaDriver™ is developed and supported by FineEye Color and distributed by our reseller partners. If you have any pre-sales questions, just contact us by email, or phone 616-988-6119.