White Papers

White Papers

FineEye maintains a library of white papers covering subjects we test and research. You will find papers on inkjet technology, software, and industry notes. You are free to download and use the documents. Please keep the document intact and reference FineEye Color when appropriate.

EFI Fiery XF 6.0 New Feature and Enhancements (Condensed) – November 2014

A reference document that describes improvements to EFI Fiery XF from version 5 to 6.

Fiery XF 6.0 new features >

Dynamic Range Still Matters – June 2014

You rarely hear the term dynamic range used today in digital print production. This should be a bit surprising as it has a significant impact on imaging quality especially in high quality photo and fine art inkjet print production. Dynamic range is especially important to understand when choosing an aqueous inkjet media for your prints…

Dynamic Range Still Matters >

Choosing the Right Aqueous Inkjet Media – November 2013

FineEye is often asked how we evaluate media grades when selecting new products to add to our media
line. The following is an edited collection of the most common questions and our responses.

Choosing the Right Aqueous Inkjet Media >

Understanding Ink Reduction Prediction – March 2012

A valid question that is often raised when discussion ink saving technology is “How accurate is the ink saving estimate to what I will actually experience in production?” To get to that answer, other questions might be posed that scrutinize the validity or at least the variables at play in creating an ink savings report or ink savings study. This document will discuss the variables that affect the accuracy of an ink saving report or study compared to a production environment and seeks to give you an expectation of how accurate the ICEmeta or ICEserver ink saving reports will be for your own experience.

Understanding Ink Reduction Prediction >

Evaluating ICEmeta Profiles – March 2012

The ICEmeta web portal gives you three ways to evaluate your ICE profile. The report section of the
website will report on ink savings and colorimetric accuracy while the image downloads give you the
ability to compare results on screen and in print. This guide will explain how to execute and interpret
these tests.

Evaluating ICEmeta Profiles >

Technical Guide: Contrasting ICE Separation Technology with GCR – June 2011

ICE separations take advantage of a unique understanding of the physics and chemical forces at play in print to deliver a truly revolutionary new approach to creating color on press. Upon first glance the separations produced by ICE technology can be mistaken for those commonly built by the many aggressive GCR tools on the market today as seen in the example below. Upon closer examination and in extended subject testing however, ICEserver-Litho proves far superior to other technologies.

Technical Guide: Contrasting ICE Separation Technology with GCR >