ChromaDriver beta testing nears completion

Mike DiCosolaUncategorized

An update from the FineEye Team

If you are reading this blog post, you may have been following our ChromaDriver updates on this blog as well as Tweets and LinkedIn posts. So here’s an update on the progress leading up to official launch, which will take place next week.

We moved into the beta testing stage for the ChromaDriver print solution in early January. We partnered with ten individuals representing a diverse cross section of the print market. About half our testers were printing display graphics while the other half were using it for proofing. Early on we encountered some difficulties with the installation process not being as automated or “hands off” as we desired. The ChromaDriver is designed so that installation and/or training services are not necessary. Much effort was concentrated on fine-tuning this process, which quickly resulted in a simple and flawless installation experience for our beta partners. There was some development done on the functionality within the user interface but for the most part the original specification was delivered successfully.

One key value proposition delivered by the ChromaDriver is comprehensive support for all HP, Canon and EPSON printers along with a robust portfolio of media profiles. This combination eliminates the need for users to build profiles. With that goal in mind, profile building for printer/media combinations has been feverishly underway. A tremendous amount of resources have been applied to both software development and profile building.

The response from our beta testers has been overwhelming positive. Following are comments from our group.

“I love it, I would say I must have it.”

“I wasn’t able to break it, I even sent it a bad file to see if it would crash. It sent me an error report.”

“Nesting and a clean, well organized layout beats the driver no questions.”

“I liked the simplicity of hitting print and getting a GRACoL proof, its that easy!”

“We have gotten very solid results in our test proofs when compared to our press proofs and our ORIS driver.”

So its full steam ahead with the launch next week. If you are interested in purchasing the ChromaDriver or getting a 15 day demo version click here.